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Small Business Development Centers (SBDC’s), as part of the Small Business Administration, are a network of 1,000 centers in the US and its territories that offer no-cost business consulting services to help entrepreneurs launch, grow, sustain and transition their businesses. SBDC’s help business owners secure $100,000 in financing every 9.4 minutes, create a new job every 5.3 minutes and start a new business every 32 minutes. While we are proud of our impact, we are meeting the challenge of today’s unprecedented times head on, by helping small businesses via the Small Business Makeover. Join us, our community and business leaders and let’s work hard to keep the Yavapai small business dreams alive!

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I rely on SBDC for guidance

“I truly wish I was aware of SBDC when I started my skincare line 5 years ago. It would have saved me thousands of dollars. They helped me create a free website and blog, guided me with how to market things, do a press release, hire staff, and how to pay them with the correct employee taxes. I relied on the SBDC for guidance. They helped me figure out Quickbooks, creating a FREE website, saving me money I did not have at the start-up. I feel more confident in my bookkeeping, and since this is a farmer’s market with internal and additional currencies, it helped me figure out how to account for my expenses and deposits in a manner that is trackable, accountable and easy to manage. Their encouragement and support have been wonderful as well.” – Prescott Valley Farmer’s Market: Hedda Fay

A Complete 180!

“Jeri Denniston is a remarkable business counselor, mentor, and friend. She has not only changed the way I see the world of business but how I see myself, which was the crucial change I needed to succeed in my business endeavors. Jeri began teaching me the skills needed to implement and market my business. More importantly she has taught me how to believe in myself. She helped me shift from limiting beliefs built around an 11-year career serving a community with scarce resources, to believing that I can offer my valuable Trainings and be financially successful. – Ouro KKC: Maria McGonigal

we are so grateful

“SBDC has been instrumental in the development of our new business! They’ve helped us with so many things: from networking to production, policy, and procedure development, to website development, and more. We are so grateful for their expert assistance! We feel our new business is off to a great, healthy start because of them.” – Oak Creek Sheet Metal and TAC Fabrication, 2020 Success Award Winners: Kim and Todd Bean