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Coach's Corner

Extremely Grateful

“I cannot say enough good things about my SBDC counselors, Jeri Denniston and Ruth Ellen Elinski. They have bent over backwards to assist me in small tasks up to what seemed insurmountable to me. They reach out and remind me if I am falling behind in where I should be for the growth of the business. They are always willing to do research on topics I find myself overwhelmed by and without the time to investigate. They are always professional and concerned. I have found them incredible approachable, supportive and excited for the success of my business. I am extremely grateful for their mentorship.” – LaserGirl Skincare LLC, 2020 SBDC Success Award Winner: Anita Marcus

SBDC was instrumental

“The SBDC was instrumental at the outset by offering guidance in the development of a business plan. Mike Seibert provided us with practical examples of plans and helped us “tweak” them to suit our specific structure and goals. Following discussions with him, we were able to identify our ideal “target” customers and their priorities.” – Granite Mountain Stables: Jacque Gorman. Ed Sierman, Cameraon Macbeth

we are so grateful

“SBDC has been instrumental in the development of our new business! They’ve helped us with so many things: from networking to production, policy, and procedure development, to website development, and more. We are so grateful for their expert assistance! We feel our new business is off to a great, healthy start because of them.” – Oak Creek Sheet Metal and TAC Fabrication, 2020 Success Award Winners: Kim and Todd Bean