A Conversation With Windswept Acres, a Pickling Company in Prescott, Arizona

May 16, 2022 | Press Release, Interview, Prescott, SBDC, Yavapai County

The Yavapai College SBDC had some time to finally catch up with Pam Baker and Dave Harris, Owners of Windswept Acres based in Prescott, Arizona. After competing and placing third in two area pitch competitions (Moonshot Pioneer Pitch – Quad Cities and the Moonshot Pioneers Innovate Waste and Carbon Neutrality Challenge), Pam and Dave have been working to expand their business operations and further their reach with new clients and customers. We were eager to reconnect with them to hear more about their woman veteran-owned pickling business and their recent experiences in the spotlight in northern Arizona.

Selling Windswept Acres’ Products at a Local Event in Northern Arizona.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Pam is an Arizona native, has lived in the Prescott area since 1990, and served in the Army from 2008-2012. She has done mostly administrative work her whole life until her and Dave started Windswept Acres in 2016. Dave moved to Scottsdale from Indiana in 1975 and has run several construction companies-over 30 years.

Fresh Dill and Asparagus Being Jarred and Prepped for Pickling.

Describe your product? What do you do?

We are a small family farm and zero waste small batch pickling company making all natural products with no artificial colors or preservatives. We are looking to expand our business, and our goal is to help our environment by rescuing produce that might end up in the landfills because it is not pretty enough for stores to purchase. Produce in landfills causes methane gases, which is 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide! This “ugly” produce tastes perfectly fine in our recipes, and we are helping save the environment, one pickle at a time.

Everything we make is packed by hand in old-fashioned mason jars just the way our grandmothers did. All of our products are HACCP based and lab tested for shelf life stability and safety. Most of our products have won multiple blue ribbons at both our very own Yavapai County Fair and at the Arizona State Fair, and we won the Best Pickles award from Best of the Best two years in a row.

As we are a small production business that depends on fresh produce from around the state of Arizona, and we are just as dependent on Mother Nature as every other farmer, most of our products are seasonal and available while they last until our next batch of produce is ready. So, get yours early and be sure to stock up.

A Jar of Windswept Acres Famous Pickled Red Onions

What inspired you to start this business?

Our start to pickling began mostly because of Dave’s grandmother. Due to living through the great depression, she was raised to live sustainably. If it could be preserved, re-used or composted, she did it. We took her hard working, thrifty ways to heart when we started pickling, and using her recipes and some of our own, have turned it into a passion for nostalgic pickles, amazing flavors, and unique products.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in getting your business started?

Our biggest challenge was getting any information on how to even get started! There was not really anyone in our county doing any pickling before we got started, so we continually got misinformation from every source we talked to. It took us several years before we had all our paperwork straight, and we still must go back and ask questions constantly as regulations change all the time.

How has the SBDC been a support to you?

The Yavapai College SBDC has been great to work with. They have assisted us in putting a business plan together, working on our target audience, working with us to find pitch opportunities and to present our pitch well, and we hope for continued support with future grant and funding opportunities.

Also Known as OMG in a Jar, See the Variety of Options Straight from Windswept Acres

Where can people find you and purchase your product?

Due to COVID, many of the stores and markets that sold our products closed temporarily, and we are just getting back to working with everyone to get our products back on the shelves. Currently our products are available at the Lucky B Acres booth at the Scottsdale and Sedona farmers markets, and through our webpage www.NaturalOMG.com.

” I have been buying from [Windswept Acres] for over 5 years and think their is bacon exceptional.  There is no other bacon like it. I do love the dilly pickles as well but the Bloody Mary Mix is what gets the rave reviews when I bring it to parties.” – Rosie Zygmunt

What are your next goals as a business owner?

Our immediate goal is to raise enough money to build or purchase a food truck and turn it into a mobile processing unit so we can take it right to the sources where produce is being discarded and process it right then and there. We also hope to hire a few employees to help with kitchen prep and selling at farmers markets. Our long-term goal is to have our own processing facility so we can expand and rescue even more produce from the landfills and sell our products in stores such as Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and Natural Grocers.


Windswept Acres

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3250 S Gateway Blvd Prescott, AZ 86301

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